Too Much Debt?

Why all this angst about too much debt? All you have to do is borrow some money and pay it off. Get a consolidation loan, for Heaven’s sakes.

My house is under water, for sure
My car is upside down, you bet
But I’m getting a consolidation loan
And finally getting out of debt

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  1. ydroustan says:

    I agree! I have 100% debts and no employment, and just like the government I don’t produce anything. I need a loan. China has been very kind in lending to our government and buying Treasury Bonds so far, so why don’t you lend me some money too? I promise to repay when I start producing. I also promise to work 100% for you and repay 100% principal and 35% interest with my future production and savings and the future production and savings of my children.

    I wish I could print like the government too but the powers that be in their wisdom do not permit it. But I really do not need to work or print money. Unemployment is my salvation, I welcome the printed money even if the price of food and gasoline is killing me. Blessed the government. They sure know what is best for us and are doing all they can to create jobs? Why worry? What’s the problem with Greece and California? All they have to do is borrow more money!

    Well so long. I just got my unemployment check and I am going to have myself a drink. I love socialism! Until the next check!

  2. Carl says:

    I believe that the current administration is hell bent on bankrupting this country. Yes, you read that correctly.

    Here’s why…

    The voter mandate Obama through he had for Socialism has clearly faded. Largely due to centrist Democrats who think he has gone too far left.

    Without that mandate, they cannot complete FDR’s vision of the “Great Society”.

    Socialism cannot co-exist with Capitalism and the only option left to dispose of capitalism, absent of legislative policy is to do as much harm to capitalism as possible, while creating as many “Dependent” citizens as possible.

    If enough suffer, Socialism will be the only answer….