The Euro into the Briar Patch

Isn’t it ironic that the Greek debt crisis depressed the Euro, whose nations needed more stimulus to their faltering economies, and boosted the dollar in a flight to quality that will reduce aggregate demand in the struggling U.S. economy?

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  1. Sergei says:

    Well, the depressed euro will improve the region’s balance of payments and should increase the eurozone’s aggregate demand from higher net exports, at the expense of the US. Don’t see why it is ironic, though.

  2. W.C. Varones says:

    Don’t worry, the Treasury will just borrow and spend more to trash the dollar in a game of competitive devaluation aided by the compliant Fed.

  3. Ikebukuro says:

    Congrats on fienelg settled! I, too, am dreaming of the day when I get to look at all of my books at one time, instead of having half of them in boxes in the attic.

  4. Pavla says:

    Taking the overeviw, this post is first class