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The Three-Day Wait

I dutifully got up early (central time zone) to hear Friday morning’s disappointing employment report. Then I remembered the stock markets were closed for Good Friday. After a lifetime of watching the economy and the stock market reaction to it, I must admit I don’t know what to expect Monday morning. I suppose the safest […]

Stock Wisdom

(And They Called Supply-Side Voodoo)   The only really sensible investment advice I know of came from Will Rogers, who is alleged to have said: "You buy your stock. When it goes up, sell it. If it don't go up, don't buy it." Advice I just don't get includes the following: People are very optimistic; […]

Investment and Management Advice

While I'm trying to think of something to say, let me just say some things I've been thinking. Best Investment Advice  The best investment advice I've heard is from Will Rogers, who advised:          "You buy your stock, and, when it goes up, sell it.  If it don't go up, don't buy it."

Past Results are no Guarantee of Future Performance

My latest contribution to the NY Times Economix blog discusses how to beat the stock market. View it here. A Random Walk Off a Cliff: ‘Beating’ the Market By Bob McTeer I’ve always been fascinated by the question, “If you’re so smart, why aren’t you rich?” Why don’t the experts have an advantage in stock-picking? Or do they? […]

The Loss of Stock Market Wealth: The Individual versus the Nation

One of the common fallacies in economics is the fallacy of composition. What's true for you and what's true for me may not be true for all of us together…. This is from my latest blog article in the New York Times. To see more visit here.

Loosen Margin Requirements

 I have a new commentary that has been published in the Washington Times. To view the article, click here.  Option for the Fed Bob McTeer COMMENTARY: Among the actions the Federal Reserve is expected to announce imminently, it should include an immediate, but temporary, reduction in margin requirements for stock purchases.

New York Times Blog Q&A with Bob McTeer

"On September 18, I was one of a group assembled by nytimes.com to respond to questions emailed in by readers. Here are the questions directed to me, which I had a chance to answer. The process was arranged and coordinated by Catherine Rampell of nytimes.com."   Bob McTeer Does "Bailout" = "Nationalization"? By Catherine Rampell One […]