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More Investment and Exports in Second Quarter GDP–Just What We Needed

The writer, Gore Vidal, is reported to have said that he didn’t have much to say but he had lots to add. He was referring to his penchant for editing, rewriting, and subsequent drafts of his original work. That applies to the third draft of the second quarter GDP numbers released yesterday. The growth rate […]

Taxing the Rich

Long ago and far away I taught economic principles and money and banking in night school. Since those three-hour classes came after long hours in my day job, I must admit—against interest as the lawyers say—that I tended to emphasize things that were easier to teach. Nothing was easier than simple Keynesian relationships because of […]

Saving versus Savings

My recent post on The Illusion of Saving set a new record for me in visits and hits. That made me feel good. I would feel even better if hits and visits didn't come before the reading. In any case, here is some more on saving and savings. There is a big difference between an […]

Rescues and Stimulus

I’m going to belabor the obvious here. I hate to do it, but somebody needs to and nobody else is: *Calling something a stimulus package doesn’t make it one. This one doesn’t come close. *If you are headed in the wrong direction, speed is not your friend. Neither is size. *The rescue of financial institutions […]

Stimulus-II versus TARP-II

As if we are conducting a lab experiment, we suddenly have the sequels to the two major government programs to deal with the financial crisis and mitigate the real economic fallout. We still, however, don't know the devil in the details, but, while we await more information, let me make a couple of points about […]

Investment and Management Advice

While I'm trying to think of something to say, let me just say some things I've been thinking. Best Investment Advice  The best investment advice I've heard is from Will Rogers, who advised:          "You buy your stock, and, when it goes up, sell it.  If it don't go up, don't buy it."

Some Afterthoughts on the Financial Crisis

I keep looking for an appropriate analogy to describe simply how the subprime slime eventually wreaked so much havoc on our financial system. When it first surfaced, I assumed, like most people, that the damage would be limited to those associated with the bad mortgages in addition to the impact on the housing market. I […]

Past Results are no Guarantee of Future Performance

My latest contribution to the NY Times Economix blog discusses how to beat the stock market. View it here. A Random Walk Off a Cliff: ‘Beating’ the Market By Bob McTeer I’ve always been fascinated by the question, “If you’re so smart, why aren’t you rich?” Why don’t the experts have an advantage in stock-picking? Or do they? […]

Bailouts, Moral Hazard, Fed-fed Inflation and the Budgetary Consequences of the Bailouts

  (Notes for Remarks Made at a Joint Atlas/NCPA Breakfast on Friday, September 26, 2008) I'm still under the influence of our "Cowboy Chic" night last night. I can relate to the cowboy part, but I'm not so sure about the chic. Given our preoccupation with the ongoing financial crisis, it reminded my of the […]