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Employment Falls and Confidence Collapses

The collapse of confidence resulting from last Friday's bad employment report was overdone, not because the news wasn't that bad, but because expectations had gotten way too rosy. The search for green shoots with green-colored glasses had led to false hopes and denial– a false dawn if you will. The employment report reminded us that […]

It’s Not a Jobless Recovery

It's Just Not a Recovery. . . Yet   Last Friday's disappointing jobs report elicited some strange responses on financial TV. The idea that the recession is over is one I find hard to take seriously. Yet, some commentators have bought into it so completely that the jobs report caused them to start talking about […]

Recession Over? Not Quite.

The market is headed toward recovery, but we're not there quite yet. This was my response to CNBC's Dennis Kneale last Friday when asked, "Is the Recession Over?" The market is healing but it's not healed yet.

Blogging through the Financial Crisis

I've had quite a few blog postings recently on various aspects of the financial crisis and the state of the economy. Scrolling through them to find something of interest is not the easiest thing to do. Since I'm out of pocket briefly, I thought it might be useful to present a list of recent postings […]

The Financial Crisis, Economic Recovery, and the Flu

Increasingly, I'm feeling the need to state the obvious. Partly, that's because others aren't doing it because it is obvious, and, partly, because it isn't obvious to everyone. Enough people miss it to matter. The obvious thing I have in mind right now is the similarity between the way the flu spreads and the way […]