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Too Much Debt?

Why all this angst about too much debt? All you have to do is borrow some money and pay it off. Get a consolidation loan, for Heaven’s sakes. My house is under water, for sure My car is upside down, you bet But I’m getting a consolidation loan And finally getting out of debt

Sovereign Debt: Greece and California

I’m afraid I’m about to state the obvious again. Most of you already know what I’m about to say, but as I listen to pundits talk about Greece on daytime TV it’s becoming obvious that not everyone does. The issue is sovereign debt: when is it a problem and when does it become a crisis? […]

GDP versus Standard of Living

In my opinion, the average watcher of financial cable TV and reader of the financial press can be forgiven some confusion. Experts are found at opposite extremes of many issues. For example, *We need more spending, but budget deficits are bad. *Debt is bad, but we are adding debt at a record pace. *Consumers and […]

Stimulus and Job Creation

Not Necessarily the Same Thing Once again I'm going to be brave and state the obvious and run the risk of a "Duh" response.  While my point is embarrassingly obvious, I haven't heard anyone make it during the debate on the recently passed stimulus package.

The Financial Crisis in Rhyme

"There ain't no money in poetry.  That's what sets the poet free. I've had all the freedom I can stand." Guy Clark, Cold Dog Soup In the beginning, there was the stretch for yield that led to subprime, best described in a Japanese Haiku: If regular loans Don't earn enough to suit us Maybe bad […]