Q: Are Tim Geithner and Larry Summers Dumb, Careless or Crazy?

A: No, I Don’t Think So


I think we should look for an alternative explanation.

We’ve heard much chatter about Treasury Secretary, Tim Geithner, and Economic Advisor, Larry Summers, both making similar gaffes last week-end, cracking the door open for a “middle-class tax increase.” I’d say the probability is low, let’s say one in a hundred, that the Former Treasury Secretary and former Harvard President, would make such a gaffe in view of the boss’s repeated statements to the contrary. I think the probability is equally low that the current Treasury Secretary and former President of the New York Fed would make such a gaffe. If so, the probability of both doing so is 1 in 10,000-1/100 x 1/100.

Come on folks. I’m supposed to be the naïve one around here. Alternative explanations are in order. What about those boys were testing the water for their boss?

Bob McTeer
Stating the Obvious

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  1. MD_analyst says:

    Spot on Mr. Mcteer! New admin have done the same tactic over and over again before every important decision. American people elected Mr. Obama for change, to break the status quo, for a more transparent government. Unfortunately we haven’t seen a single positive sign so far.

  2. Well, it was hard for me to detect a gaffe or misdirection or really anything constructive in the portion of Meet the Press I saw where Summers was being interviewed. I’m not that sharp, but I grow tired attempting to decipher the meaning of circular politispeak.

  3. Greg says:

    Ya gotta soften up an area before carpet bombing. I see major tax increases across the board in the near future. Unfortunately, I also see the government making the tax code even more progressive than it already is. Possibly actually taking those who pay no taxes to over 50% of the population. The fewer people impacted by a tax increase the more likely it will be passed.