The Syrian Dilemma–Lessons From Tall Tales

[This was posted on August 30 under a different title]

The late, great, country comedian, Jerry Clower, spun some funny yarns in his day. My favorite was his coon huntin story. Long story short, Jerry and his buddy went on a night coon hunt with a neighbor, Mr. Barron, and his hired hand, John Eubanks. John was known far and wide for his ability to climb trees. John believed in giving the coons a sporting chance. When pack of hounds treed a coon, John didn’t believe in shooting it out of the tree. Instead, he’d climb the tree and poke the coon with a sharp stick and knock him down amongst the dogs. The coon at least had the option of whooping all the dogs and getting away. The outcome was entirely up to the coon.

This dark night, things were going according to script until John, high up in a huge tree, poked the treed coon with his sharp stick, and the coon turned out to be a lynx, what they called a souped-up wild cat around those parts. Instead of falling, the lynx stood his ground, so to speak, and started making minced meat out of poor old John.

John yelled down to Mr. Barron, who had a pistol, “Shoot this thang, shoot this thang—it’s killing me.

Mr. Barron yelled back, “I can’t shoot it, I might hit you.”

“Shoot this thang.”

“ Can’t, might hit you.”

Finally, in desperation, John yelled down, “Well, just shoot up in here amongst us. One of us got to have some relief.”

I thought of this tall tale this morning while listening to the news. It appears that we may be fixing to shoot in amongst the warring Syrians.

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  1. Lucas says:

    Great likeness to our country’s current situation

  2. AlBea says:

    I’m from Maine but still think that Jerry Clower (The Mouth of the South) is terrific for his stories. Each one is a story that is funny but also has something else.
    Your use of the coon huntin’ story gets right to the core of the problem. I wish that were his only problem.
    As Arthur Herman, a historian, put it – “Do we really want this president making any decisions where American interests are at stake — where Americans, and possibly many others, may die? The answer is an emphatic no.”

  3. Jimmy says:

    Well, he was always ready for a raccoon and got surprised by a lynx.

    The U.S. is planning a fight they feel ready for and could get something it cannot handle.

  4. Sabal says:

    Great lesson!