Isaac on FASB’s Mark-to-Market Proposals

Former FDIC Chairman, William Isaac, gave me permission to post his letter to the House Financial Services Committee on the FASB proposals. 
Click here: [Isaac on FASB Mark to Market]

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  1. Chris says:


    Saw you in Dayton, OH at the R.I.S.E. conference. I just wanted to say you did a great job, and I appreciated your comments about the inadequacy of the stimulus package along with everyone else in the audience!

  2. anon says:

    “BIS, paper by Ingo Fender and Martin Scheicher claims that declining risk appetite and heightened concerns about market illiquidity have provided a sizeable contribution to the observed collapse in ABX prices since July 2007. Importantly, observed ABX prices are unlikely to be good predictors of future default-related cash flow shortfalls on outstanding subprime MBS, especially for those at the higher end of the capital structure.”