Employment and Unemployment: The Razor’s Edge

My local newspaper this morning showed a picture of a guy standing in a line of job seekers at a Career Expo. He had his cap on backwards.

If, in the unlikely event, he were contacted for the household survey of employment, they would ask him if he had a job. He would say no. Then, they would ask if he had looked for a job in the last six weeks. He could truthfully say yes. He would be classified as in the labor force but unemployed.

Perhaps they should add another question to the survey: "Did you wear your cap backwards when you applied for a job?" If so, he would be classified as not in the labor force, and the number of unemployed would go down by one.

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  1. Gary Paradise says:

    The same could be said for those with arms and necks covered with tattoos. When overweight 60 and 70 year olds are getting them, you know that particular craze is about toast.