Crying, Waiting, Hoping


Buddy Holly’s Plane Crash Stopped the Music 50 Years Ago Today

I paid tribute to Buddy Holly last year; so I’ll be brief today. Last year I mentioned my PBS interview with Bob Edwards when he asked me if it was true that I had visited Buddy Holly’s grave. I admitted it; so, he then asked me what Buddy Holly ever contributed to the economy. I said Buddy’s Rave On would have made a great anthem for the new economy of the late 1990s.

A reader emailed me to suggest another Buddy Holly song for today’s economy: Crying, Waiting, Hoping. Yes, precisely. But hopefully, we can Rave On again soon.

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  1. KC Kid says:

    Rave On Bob.

    He was one of the best and “Rave On” was one of his best. I loved to listen to his energetic music on the way to high school. I still miss him and often wonder what kind of a catalog he’d have if he had lived longer.

    Great pictures.