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Purity, Obscurity and the Slaves of Defunct Economists

The Fed’s lending and the Treasury’s investments in banks will not cost taxpayers anything. Unfortunately, that can’t be said for the government’s stimulus program to create jobs. That is old fashioned government spending: Money spent, money gone. A large stimulus program was needed to cushion the recession and reduce job losses. But the program outsourced […]

Teaser for Springfield Newspaper

I’m scheduled to make a talk at Missouri State University on Wednesday, April 14. This is a teaser piece I wrote for the local newspaper in Springfield, Missouri, the News   Goal for Public Affairs Speech Seems Lofty as Deadline Approaches April 12, 2010 On Wednesday, I’m supposed to talk to economics students and […]

President Obama, Commencement Addresses, Honorary Degrees and Me

The flap over whether President Obama should get an honorary degree when he gives a commencement address is unfortunate. It shouldn't have turned into such a big deal for so many people. Traditions differ. If they had asked my opinion, I would have said yes. After all, he is the President of the United States.

Remarks made in Hong Kong on U.S. Financial Crisis

Here is the text of a speech I gave recently to a group of investors in Hong Kong… It's good to be back in Hong Kong, the poster child for free enterprise and a stable currency. My first visit was to speak at a conference on currency boards, at the Hong Kong Baptist University. How […]