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FOMC Transparency–Translucence Would Be Better

Transparency is a current FOMC cause But it reminds me too much of sausages and laws I think translucence, like my shower door, Is a good compromise It lets in the light, but keeps out the flies. Back in the day, I tended to drag my feet on new measures of transparency since I thought […]

The Economy and the Blues

Texas singer-songwriter Townes van Zandt once told Emmy Lou Harris that there were only two kinds of music: the blues and zippity do da. To my knowledge he never posited a causal relationship running from too much of the latter to the former. But, as Billy Joe Shaver puts it so well, we're leaning toward […]

Block City

A Week-End Special   What do you do when your well runs dry, your muse gets an unlisted telephone number, and your hits fall like a stone? I dig up bones. Now, strictly speaking, Digging Up Bones, as defined by country music legend, Randy Travis, involves rummaging through the old home place and finding tangible […]

Hawks and Doves

Back when they called me The Lonesome Dove and some of my best friends were inflation hawks, I wrote a couple of poems to clarify the situation. If interested, you might want to check out some other Rhymes with No Reason on my web site, A Dove with Attitude Presented at a meeting of the […]

Crying, Waiting, Hoping

  Buddy Holly’s Plane Crash Stopped the Music 50 Years Ago Today I paid tribute to Buddy Holly last year; so I’ll be brief today. Last year I mentioned my PBS interview with Bob Edwards when he asked me if it was true that I had visited Buddy Holly’s grave. I admitted it; so, he […]

The Financial Crisis in Rhyme

"There ain't no money in poetry.  That's what sets the poet free. I've had all the freedom I can stand." Guy Clark, Cold Dog Soup In the beginning, there was the stretch for yield that led to subprime, best described in a Japanese Haiku: If regular loans Don't earn enough to suit us Maybe bad […]

Finding My Way to the NCPA

Finding my way To the NCPA Thinking part time For part-time pay But my little plan has one big flaw It fails to account for Parkinson's Law It's sometimes hard to pay your dues When you spend your time waiting for the muse But one big advantage is important to me A location outside of […]