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Squawk Box Notice

Chairman Bernanke is testifying before Congress today about the Fed’s exit strategy. CNBC will broadcast this event and I will be part of a discussion panel scrutinizing it. If you’re interested, tune in to Squawk Box from 10am to 11 am (ET) to catch the action.

Bernanke Back in the Hot Seat

Here is a CNBC video clip from last night’s Kudlow Report where I defend Ben Bernanke and argue that he should be confirmed for reappointment as Chairman.

Recent CNBC Interviews

My recent interviews on CNBC cover the FOMC’s decision and discussion of the dollar. To access my CNBC profile click here. The videos below were filmed November 4th, November 3rd, and October 30th, respectively.

CNBC Interview – 2009/9/29

  You can see my CNBC profile and view additional interviews here.

Recession Over? Not Quite.

The market is headed toward recovery, but we're not there quite yet. This was my response to CNBC's Dennis Kneale last Friday when asked, "Is the Recession Over?" The market is healing but it's not healed yet.

U.S. Monetary Policy & Economic Recovery

In my guest appearance on CNBC's "The Call" program Tuesday morning, the topics were "Should the Fed Stick to Monetary Policy?" and "Is the Economy Back on Track?" On the economy, I made the same point about excess reserves and the Fed's mistake regarding excess reserves in the 1930s that I made in my June 10 posting.

Will low Fed Interest Rates Cause Inflation?

On Tues. I appeared on The Kudlow Report to discuss the prospect of long term inflation. I made the remark that monetary policy is not that easy, and the Fed's main concern should be preventing deflation. I also noted that a weak dollar in the short term could help with economic recovery. On the May 20 Kudlow […]

Bob McTeer on

As a new CNBC Contributor, here’s my new bio page: Bob McTeer’s Profile.  It contains selected recent articles and videos. You may also see my April 24 interview on Kudlow Reports, below. httpv://

CNBC Squawk Box Interview on Toxic Assets

Here is the video of my interview with Becky Quick on CNBC's Squawk Box on Thursday, April 2. [CNBC Toxic Assets Interview]

Interview on Mark to Market with Vinny Catalano

Here's an interview I did with Vinny Catalano (President and Global Investment Strategist with Blue Marble Research) on mark to market, the Geithner plan, Keynes' paradox of thrift and the Fed's balance sheet. [Bob McTeer Financial Crisis Interview]