Blogging through the Financial Crisis

I've had quite a few blog postings recently on various aspects of the financial crisis and the state of the economy. Scrolling through them to find something of interest is not the easiest thing to do. Since I'm out of pocket briefly, I thought it might be useful to present a list of recent postings for your convenience. The last one listed is February 2, 2009, but that end-point is arbitrary. There are plenty of relevant ones before that if you are interested.



5-11  The Financial Crisis, Economic Recovery, and the Flu

5-8    The Financial Crisis and Its Rhetoric

5-6    Mark-to-Market, OTTI, Loan Loss Reserves, ETC: "Accounting Arcana"

5-4    Stressing Over Bank Stress Tests

5-1    The Economy and the Blues


4-30  Economy Heading Back Up?

4-29  CNBC-Kudlow-Bank Stress Tests

4-28  CNBC Bio Page & 4-24 Kudlow Interview

4-27  Commonsense Economics

4-25  Currency Manipulation-China-Toxic Words

4-24  CNBC-Kudlow-(TARP & Stress Tests)

4-22  Well, Are the Banks Weak or Strong?

4-20  Bank Stress Tests-A Tiger by the Tail

4-18  Block City (How to Find the Muse)

4-16  International Trade and Investment

4-14  Creating Money out of Thin Air

4-12  Will China Buy our Treasuries

4-10  U.S. Foreign Trade

4-8    Hawks and Doves

4-6    Toxic Assets and Toxic Words

4-2    CNBC-Squawk Box-Toxic Assets


3-20  Isaac on FASB's Mark-to-Market Proposals

3-20  FASB's Half a Loaf

3-26  Podcast Interview on Mark to Market

3-25  Treasury's Toxic Asset Plan v Mark to Market

3-24  Hong Kong Remarks on the Financial Crisis

3-19  Paying the Alligator (A Poem)

3-16  William Isaac on Mark to Market

3-13  Congressional Testimony on Mark to Market

3-12  CNBC-Squawk Box-Fixing Troubled Banks

3-11  More Critics of Mark to Market


2-25  Stress Testing Banks-Window Dressing

2-23  "Nationalizing" Banks

2-20  Jobs: Not a Proper Goal of Public Policy

2-18  Stimulus and Job Creation

2-13  Bankers in the Lion's Den

2-9    Stimulus: Content Matters

2-9    Employment to Unemployment

2-5    Collapsing Inflation

2-3    Crying, Waiting, Hoping

2-2    4th Quarter Real GDP on a Slippery Slope

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  1. Cannon says:

    Bob, you’ve done a lot of great work on the financial crisis. Most notably on mark-to-market and the somewhat misleading information put out by the Treasury with regard to the stress tests.