“Banker Arrested”

Yesterday, I was watching the news on a TV with no sound in a hotel fitness center in Las Vegas when a picture of IMF Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn appeared over the caption, “Banker Arrested.”

Now, I understand the difficulty of characterizing the IMF since it’s an institution still with us long after its raison d’etre disappeared. However, a bank it is not; so its director is not a banker.

You can call Mr. Strauss-Kahn many things, but banker would have been way down on my list of possibilities. Sadly, however, the press apparently wanted a negative connotation, and what could be more negative these days than “banker,” especially with “evildoer” out of fashion. I’m not sure why they didn’t go all the way with the usual “fat cat banker arrested.”

No wonder major bank stocks these days are inversely related to their improving numbers. I guess that will continue as long as banker is the default term for evil.

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  1. Ian Kodanik says:

    And yet even Sudeep Reddy of the WSJ was on TV shortly after Kahn’s arrest extolling the virtues of the IMF.