A Small Government Guy

Occasionally during this crisis period I've said things that cause those who know me to question whether I'm becoming a "Big Government Guy." I've been concerned, myself, which I've written about here. I may be like Mae West, who was pure as snow, before she drifted. If so, I haven't drifted far.  Life's small encounters keep dragging me back to my senses.

A recurring one happened again the other day. This time I had just finished making flight and hotel arrangements to attend our granddaughter's high school graduation in May. She's 17 years old and has already been accepted into the honors program of some fine universities. (Forgive me.)

This forthcoming milestone was making me feel my age as Suzanne (Big Mama) and I went out for Tex-Mex. Since she was my designated driver, I ordered a margarita. The waiter asked for my driver's license as proof of age.  I said, "Don't be ridiculous. You are kidding, aren't you?" He said with a straight face, "No, I have to do it." He swiped my license in some sort of machine attached to the cash register. I guess it's now part of my permanent record.

I've been through this routine before.  One day I was carded on the same day that I was given a senior citizens discount to a movie without asking for it. The state calls it "zero tolerance." Zero tolerance requires adult waiters, who have good vision and a brain, to card the Big Daddies of granddaughters about to set the college world on fire.

I don't know about you, but a government that requires its citizens to "be ridiculous" scares me. Laws that override common sense and good judgment scare me.

The waiters, of course, are victimized more than I am. It is they who are required to be ridiculous. What scares me the most is that the law apparently requires them to be ridiculous with a straight face and without snickering. And they obey. Not so much as a twinkle in the eye.

A government exercising that level of power and intrusion is too big for me. Put me down as a Small Government Guy.

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  1. T-Bone says:

    Well, if it’s done to verify your over-21 status, it’s ridiculous. But it makes sense if it is to show that every tab at the bar is associated with someone over 21. Otherwise, underage drinkers could drink while the bar claims the missing record was just someone who was “obviously” old enough.

  2. hoho says:

    sometimes, not frequently though, drift is necessary. this is why i adore women, who make this world perfect.

    anyhow, i wonder what will another “small government guy” will say nowadays. that is Mr. Greenspan. what will Mr. Greenspan say to Mr. Volcker’s suggestion to rebuild the Steagall-Glass?

    and of course, happy birthday to Uncle Alan, in my case Grand Uncle will be more appropriate.

    by the way, i don’t know Mr. McTeer looked so under-age that a waiter must require his license to sell him alcohol.

    it must be tough to be an former Fed official.

  3. c141nav says:

    Any institution (school, restaurant, bar, etc.) that uses a “zero-tolerance policy” has opted NOT to use common sense or a manager’s judgement. Therefore, said manager doesn’t deserve some of the money he/she makes as an executive.

  4. Mike says:

    It’s probably the brainchild of the same department that is strip searching you at the local airport while “Ahmad” and his buddies are walking right through. It’s all about being hung up on “process”.

  5. prophets says:


    Would be curious to get your take on a healthcare solution for the country. I’ve not fully flushed out my own personal thoughts on the issue yet. I went to see if you had any prior posts on it yet and it seems like a topic you’ve not touched on previously.

    saw squawk, was pretty good.


    Senator Hatch indicated the government has screwed up
    everything, Mecicare etc. I went to Washington to speak
    to Mr Government and Reprimand Him but all I saw was
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